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Successful start-up from Witzenmann

23 maj 2024

How the start-up PEDLAR from Witzenmann is revolutionising digital procurement

Time-wasting special requirements orders! What can be ordered online with just a few clicks is usually a lengthy and nerve-wracking process for buyers and specialist departments. The solution? The digital purchasing service PEDLAR - a start-up from the Digital.Lab, Witzenmann's in-house innovation centre, which is now on the market as a venture with partners. With this start-up, the world's leading expert in the safe and efficient management of media and energy for mobility and industry shows how companies with a digital mindset and innovative spirit can break new ground and develop digital business areas outside of their core business.

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From coffee kitchen to start-up forge:

29 kwi 2024

The success story of the Digital.Lab at Witzenmann

Coffee improves concentration and problem-solving skills and promotes togetherness when you drink it together - basic ingredients you need for creative ideas. So why not use the coffee kitchen as a hotbed of innovation? Witzenmann's Digital.Lab does just that: founded with a strategic vision in the coffee kitchen, it has developed into a driver of innovation within the company and has thus become the driving force behind Witzenmann's digital transformation.

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Is Germany catching up in digitalisation? How Witzenmann lives the digital pioneering spirit

27 mar 2024

Becoming one of the top ten countries in Europe in terms of digitalisation by 2025 - that is the German government's ambitious goal. The economy plays a key role in this: how can digitalisation and innovation be brought to life in German companies? Witzenmann, the world's leading expert in the safe and efficient management of media and energy for mobility and industry, is showing how it's done. And is consistently focussing on innovation, technology and digital pioneering work. The more than 2,800 patents speak for themselves: with its start-up spirit and digital innovation skills, the company is constantly finding new ways to become a winner in the digital transformation - even beyond its core business. Ideas and business models that prove successful on the market are constantly emerging from the specially created Digital.Lab.

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WI HQ Building Image Text

Witzenmann Group closes site in Turin

28 sty 2024

It is with great regret that the management and shareholders of the Witzenmann
Group announce that they have initiated the closure of the IDROSAPIENS S.r.l.
Despite many joint efforts and the great commitment of the local workforce, it
has not been possible to stop the long-term negative development.


Witzenmann GmbH invests in Amnis Pura S.A.

15 lis 2023

On November 3, 2023, Witzenmann GmbH from Pforzheim acquired a stake in the Portuguese hydrogen purification expert Amnis Pura S.A., based in Vila Nova de Gaia near Porto.

This strategic investment will enable Witzenmann to further strengthen its expertise in the promising innovation field of hydrogen technology.

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Witzenmann Digital.Forum – Platform for digitization in medium-sized businesses

29 wrz 2023

Leading companies into the digital future is a powerful challenge with great opportunities. Modern IT solutions alone are not enough. As part of its digital strategy, Witzenmann cultivates cross-industry exchange and invites people to the Digital every two years.Forum.

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Witzenmann expands location in Mexico

4 sie 2023

On August 2nd 2023, the expanded production facilities in Apaseo El Grande in the state of Guanajuato were officially inaugurated. Managing Director Carlos Talamantes welcomed the CEO of the Witzenmann Group, Dr. Andreas Kämpfe, and numerous representatives from customers, diplomats, society, administration, and politics.

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Witzenmann on the pulse of time

14 lip 2023

The Witzenmann-Group is economically successful and well positioned to master the challenges of transformation. Just as important as technological and digital change for the family-owned company is the future-oriented further development of its corporate culture.

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Supervisory Chairman Herbert Paschen
Congratulations Herbert Paschen

7 lip 2023

In June, Prof. Dr. Herbert Paschen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Witzenmann GmbH, celebrates his 90th birthday. On 8 July, the company will pay tribute to him with a festive matinée at the Reuchlinhaus.

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Irene Krings Text Image
Witzenmann strengthens management team with new Managing Director

30 cze 2023

As of 1 July 2023, Irene Krings will be appointed Managing Director (CFO) of Witzenmann GmbH. She will take over the newly created Finance, Controlling and Legal department.

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Cutting Laser - GF+Fertigungsbereichsleiter
Witzenmann Group focuses on Zwickau

30 mar 2023

With an investment of several million euros, the Witzenmann Group is making its location future-proof. The subsidiary in Zwickau is of particular importance in the industrial strategy. Witzenmann Sachsen GmbH becomes the centre of excellence for pipe supports.

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Artemis 1 Mission - Witzenmann components on their way to the moon

16 lis 2022

NASA's nearly 100-meter-high SLS (Space Launch System) moon rocket was successfully launched today, November 16th, as part of the Artemis 1 mission.

For this mission, Witzenmann Aerospace, as a partner of the Ariane Group, supplies components for the control valves for the fuel supply of the 8 backup thrusters and the 24 engines for attitude control of the European Service Module (ESM) of the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (Orion MPCV)

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Witzenmann: Shaping change with solid growth and good prospects

14 paź 2022

The Witzenmann Group stays on course even under growing burdens.
The transformation of industry and components for New Mobility are opening up new market potential. In the area of sustainability, Witzenmann is intensifying its activities and is setting specific goals.

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Built for the future – Witzenmann-Kita celebrates anniversary

28 wrz 2022

10 years ago, Witzenmann GmbH opened the Ruth-Witzenmann-Haus in cooperation with the local Caritas Association. The former senior manager Ruth Witzenmann had been strongly committed to the establishment of the companychildren's day care center and supported the construction of the modern building with a generous donation.

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Product Group Products for Fuel Cells H2 CO2 Image Text
Technological basis for mobility in transformation

19 wrz 2022

As a development partner for its customers, the Witzenmann Group supports the transformation in all mobility sectors with great dynamism. At the IAA Transportation, Witzenmann is showing innovative applications for hydrogen, electromobility, and pressure accumulators.

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Text Image Geschäftsführung Pressemitteilung 749x569
Witzenmann refreshes its management board

31 sie 2022

Witzenmann GmbH has arranged a restructuring of its board of management. The move reflects the strategic realignment of the internationally active family business.

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SMART.WI. Witzenmann brings a digital expansion joint to market

22 sie 2022

With its SMART.WI, Witzenmann is blazing a completely new trail on the flexible pipeline elements market. This technology line plugs the safety and monitoring gap that has previously existed in the industry's pipeline networks.

The SMART.WI technology allows pipeline components to capture and analyse a pipeline network's essential system data (pressure, temperature and movement cycles) using a sensor system. This is transferred into a Data Cloud through a secure interface and prepared and made available to the customer on an individual basis. With this, Witzenmann becomes the first company in the industry to offer its customers a solution that allows passive pipeline elements such as expansion joints to be monitored in a vendor-neutral way.

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Headquarter Bridge Contentslider
Heiko Pott leaves Witzenmann Management Board

28 cze 2022

Managing Director Heiko Pott is leaving Witzenmann GmbH on 31th August 2022 to take on new professional challenges.

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Oberbürgermeister Besuch
Lord Mayor Boch visits Witzenmann at Buchbusch

22 cze 2022

Pforzheim's Lord Mayor Peter Boch visits the Witzenmann branch plant on Buchbusch and informs himself about Witzenmann's future plans. The new headquarters of the group of companies is being built on the adjacent site. Construction will begin this year.

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Charta der Vielfalt Image Text
Witzenmann flies the flag – "Let's celebrate diversity"

31 maj 2022

Today, on the nationwide Diversity Day, the managing directors of Witzenmann GmbH signed the Diversity Charter for Diversity in the World of Work for the entire Witzenmann Group. In doing so, the Group is committed to its responsibility towards its employees and society. The globally active Witzenmann Group supports diversity, participation and a sense of responsibility regardless of age, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, religion and belief, ethnic or social origin or nationality.

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Team of WI-J 10 years anniversary 2021 Image Text

10 years of Witzenmann Japan

1 mar 2022

We congratulate our colleagues in the Japanese subsidiary and thank them for their successful contribution and the pleasant collaboration in the Witzenmann Group.
The foundation of Witzenmann Japan coincided with the severe earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima in 2011. Nevertheless, the intention to establish a subsidiary of the Witzenmann Group in Japan was undauted.

Many projects won by our Japanese colleagues testify to the correctness of this decision.

We are pleased to be able to celebrate this 10th anniversary!


Pressegespräch Remchingen Text_Image
Witzenmann – stable in a time of change

7 paź 2021

The Witzenmann Group resolutely tackles complex challenges. The strategic measures are beginning to bear fruit. Solid work and stable finances form the foundation for the future of the family-run international group.

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Pressegespräch 05 2021 Image Text
Stable through 2020

6 maj 2021

Witzenmann weathered the challenging year of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 well overall and continues to pursue the strategic realignment. Vaccinations for employees are to be offered starting in June of 2021.

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Witzenmann – crisis-proof with good prospects

23 paź 2020

Witzenmann is acting prudently and in a future-oriented manner in the corona pandemic. Despite significant slumps in sales markets, the group is stable and ready to face the future challenges with a new strategy

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Witzenmann sets an important course for the future

7 maj 2020

On a solid foundation facing major challenges

Far-reaching global changes, such as increasing climate awareness, steady growth in urban regions, the associated energy and mobility transition, the upswing in Asia and digitalization as well as increasing protectionism and trade sanctions have left clearly visible traces in the development of the global economy in 2019.

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Witzenmann Trucks Image Text

Witzenmann: Reliable partner in difficult times

1 kwi 2020

Witzenmann is economically resilient. The supplies to customers are ensured even in the current situation. Witzenmann reacts with great flexibility to the dynamic developments at its customers:

Walter Witzenmann Image Text
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften vergibt Walter-Witzenmann-Preis

19 mar 2020

Sechs gestiftete Preise im Gesamtwert von über 60.000 Euro gehen an junge Forschende aus Baden-Württemberg. Exzellente wissenschaftliche Arbeit der unter 40-Jährigen im Land wird auf diese Weise gewürdigt und gefördert. Geplant ist, dass die insgesamt sieben Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger im Laufe des Jahres ihre ausgezeichneten Arbeiten der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen. Der Termin wird noch bekanntgegeben.

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2019-10-18 Pressegespräch Image Text

Witzenmann Group in the face of major challenges

18 mar 2020

The Witzenmann Group assesses the current financial year with cautious restraint. Group-wide business development is clouded by warnings from individual markets as well as by regions worldwide. The site at Pforzheim in particular has fallen short of expectations.


Buchbusch Image Text
Witzenmann otwiera nowy zakład produkcyjny w Pforzheim

17 maj 2019

Lider rynku inwestuje w siedzibie macierzystej i unowocześnia produkcję Oficjalne otwarcie zakładu miało miejsce 17.5.2019.

Duże przywiązanie do siedziby w Pforzheim

Podjęta przez Grupę Witzenmann decyzja o budowie nowoczesnej hali produkcyjnej w miejscu założenia firmy miała wymiar symboliczny W położonej w Pforzheim strefie przemysłowej Buchbusch będąca liderem branży elastycznych elementów metalowych firma wytwarza innowacyjne części do pojazdów użytkowych i silników. Wprowadzona strategia informatyzacji ma swoje odzwierciedlenie w nowym budynku, mającym charakter modelowy dla przyszłych projektów zakładów produkcyjnych budowanych przez grupę na całym świecie.

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Pressegespräch 2019 Image Text
Optymistyczne nastawienie Witzenmann wobec czekających firmę wyzwań

10 maj 2019

Należące do grupy przedsiębiorstwa odnotowują wzrosty we wszystkich obszarach, jednocześnie odczuwają jednak presję cen i kosztów.

Grupa Witzenmann korzystnie wkroczyła w nowy rok obrotowy. Rok 2018 zamknął się zadowalającym wynikiem, pozwalającym przedsiębiorstwu na umiarkowany wzrost obrotów.

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WI HQ Building Image Text

Zarząd Witzenmann GmbH

4 kwi 2019

Nowym dyrektorem handlowym został Heiko Pott,dołączając 16.05.2019 r. do zarządu Grupy Witzenmann. Pan Pott jest dyplomowanym ekonomistą. Po studiach krótko pracował w firmie audytowej, a następnie na dłużej zatrzymał się u dużego producenta części samochodowych, gdzie piastował różne stanowiska w obszarze finansów i kontrolingu, m.in. dyrektora finansowego w europejskich i pozaeuropejskich firmach zależnych.

Dotychczasowy dyrektor ds. handlowych, dr Gerhard Flöck, 31.03.2019 r. złożył rezygnację ze sprawowanej funkcji, opuszczając Witzenmann GmbH. Udziałowcy, rada nadzorcza i zarząd składają dr. Flöckowi podziękowania za wieloletnie zaangażowanie w wykonywane obowiązki i życzą wszystkiego dobrego na przyszłość.


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